Kids at the new area of Phapherbari, Makwanpur, Nepal. Photo credit: Kate Green, USCThe Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development (C4D) is pleased to announced that we have posted our 2013 Climate Change Adaptation & Development Case Studies at: There you will also find updates on three of the five Case Studies that we published in 2010.

Together, these 10 case studies highlight how Canadian organizations are integrating climate change adaptation in their development and humanitarian work in order to increase resiliency or decrease risk in vulnerable communities and through national-level through adaptation plans. Drawing directly from the experience of Canadian NGOs and their partners in the global South, the case studies highlight solutions that communities are employing to adapt and reduce vulnerability at the local and national levels.

We’d like to thank all of our C4D members, their partner organization staff and local community members, and Steering Committee members who invested a considerable amount of time in writing and revising the case studies, as well as Angie Dazé for her feedback on the content and Ian Sterne for formatting the final documents. We’d also like to thank the International Development Research Centre for their support for the Adaptation Learning Program.

If you’d like to receive print copies of any of the case studies, please contact the Adaptation Learning Program Coordinator @

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