The Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development’s membership is open to any Canadian international development or environmental organization concerned about the impacts of climate change on sustainable development. Individuals who work in for non-profit organizations may also be accepted for membership.

Candidates for membership must support the mandate of the Group. All requests for membership will be considered by the current membership before acceptance.C4D’s objectives are best achieved when members interact and participate fully in coalition conversations and actions. We encourage active involvement from members.


The C4D works largely through conference calls and electronic communication (an email listserv as well as a members-only forum on the C4D website). The coalition also tries to meet face-to-face in Ottawa a few times a year, including an annual planning meeting in January. All electronic communications are to be considered as confidential within the coalition (unless otherwise noted).


The C4D has no permanent secretariat. It is currently governed by a small Steering Committee. The Steering Committee membership will be re-established every two years. The first review will be January 2014. Two members of the Steering Committee co-chair the coalition.

C4D practice is to include the C4D logo on all coalition documents for consistency. General practice will be to solicit organizational sign-on for letters issued by the Coalition. In other cases, such as governance documents, all members will be invited to approve documents issued by the Coalition. When issues must be addressed urgently, the Chairship will reserve the right to make any necessary decisions which will be communicated to the members.


The C4D currently has no core operating budget or bank account. Funds for particular activities are raised through grants or by voluntary contributions from member organizations. C4D members are encouraged to plan their financial contributions in advance, where possible.