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For much of the 20th century, climate change was a purely scientific issue. Few people were interested in it. The trend has changed considerably over the past 30 years, as the effects of climate change are now visible to everyone. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more people, scientists and non-scientists alike, are taking up the subject and even creating foundations that deal with climate change and the ways to fix it.

Our Vision and Mission

It is difficult for someone who wants to be involved in the fight against climate change to find all the necessary information. They will have to do a lot of research and consult many sites to gather all the data. We propose to unite all those who feel concerned about this issue. On our site, anyone can find useful and exciting information about climate change and conferences, seminars, and workshops. Our site aims to be a platform for exchange and cooperation for all those who take this issue seriously and want to contribute to the fight against climate change.