Gambling and Climate Change

Featured image Gambling and Climate Change - Gambling and Climate Change

It is hard to imagine any connection between the gambling world and the fight against climate change. Surprising as it may be, the relationship is even direct. What links these two seemingly totally different notions?

Active Involvement of Casinos in the Fight Against Climate Change

Why should the gambling world take an active part in the fight against climate change? After all, nothing is produced in a casino. That’s absolutely right, but only in part. The player who has fun in his favourite online platform such as b bets casino won’t harm the ecology and the well-being of the planet. But things change if he goes to one of the Las Vegas casinos. Studies have shown that these casinos waste a lot of energy. How does the inefficient use of energy hurt the planet? Theoretically, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a few light bulbs on all the time, but only if the power is produced using renewable resources. Otherwise, and this is precisely the case with casinos, this approach worsens the climate situation.

Post Image Gambling and Climate Change - Gambling and Climate Change

Therefore, it’s not surprising that more and more associations are demanding casinos take their responsibilities and invest part of their revenue in the fight against climate change. Casinos aren’t turning a deaf ear to this call. One example is the Mandalay Casino, which currently has the most extensive solar-powered roof in the world. It allows them to cover their entire energy needs. Even better, the casino has installed thermostats in all the rooms to reduce the energy expenses resulting from the air conditioning use. Another commendable example is Caesars, which plans to replace all its conventional light bulbs with LED lighting. The trend is positive, and these ambitious plans are genuinely helping to fight climate change.