C4D participants have recommended the following links to learn more about the issue of climate change adaptation and development:


Berkley Earth Surface Temperature Study

Building REDD Capacity in Developing Countries
Reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries (REDD) is expected to be an important element of the future international climate change regime. IISD, in partnership with the World Agroforestry Centre, is bringing together developing-country negotiators and stakeholders to increase capacity to understand the REDD negotiations and lay the technical and policy foundations for better REDD programs.

Climate Change and Agriculture
The agricultural sector has the potential to play a critical role in both climate mitigation and adaptation, particularly in developing countries. IISD is examining how this potential can be maximized through effective inclusion of agriculture in a post-2012 regime.

Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

IISD’s work on Climate Change and Agriculture

IISD’s Work on Food Security and Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change and Existing Adaptation Strategies by Rice-Growing Communities in South-East Asia

Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation Projects

CARE’s Climate Change Information Centre 
A great clearinghouse on  climate change and development issues, including gender, carbon financing, community-based adaptation strategies, and international negotiations.

Fostering Adaptation in Eastern and Southern Africa
Working with partners in Kenya, Mozambique and Rwanda, IISD is striving to reduce the vulnerability of communities to the impacts of climate change and promote the integration of climate change into selected policies.

CRiSTAL Project Management Tool
The project management tool CRiSTAL (Community-Based Risk Screening Tool—Adaptation & Livelihoods) enables project planners and managers to assess an intervention’s impact on local capacity to cope with climate stress, and to think about how to adjust project activities so that, at the very least, they don’t undermine local coping capacity, and where possible, they further enhance it. IISD is working to share this tool with project managers, communities and policy-makers in developing countries.

Adaptation and Risk Reduction

IISD’s work on Adaptation and Risk Reduction

Adaptation Financing

Halifax Initiatives’ Work on Climate Challenges & Climate Finance: Issue Update, June 2012

Policy and International Negotiations

Development & Climate (D&C) days and Adaptation Practitioners Days,  1-2 December 2012 | Doha, Qatar

Adaptive Policy-Making
Designing policies in a world of uncertainty, change and surprise is a challenge facing policy-makers in all sectors. The specific objective of this multi-year project (2005 to 2009) was to advance understanding of adaptive policies and help agriculture and water-resource policy-makers at the local, state and federal levels design adaptive policies—policies that can adapt to both anticipated and unanticipated conditions.